Mindd Practitioner Directory
Terms and Conditions of Use

The Mindd Foundation lists Mindd Practitioners who have received Mindd Practitioner Training within the past 3 years. Practitioners listed as ‘Members’ receive additional, up to date content and clinical tools as part of their paid membership to use within a clinical setting.


By clicking the agreement below, you both understand and agree that while the healthcare practitioners listed in this directory have completed training with the Mindd Foundation, the Mindd Foundation does not endorse or recommend specific practitioners.

Any medical advice, treatment or services given by practitioners listed in this directory should only be taken after a thorough investigation and assessment as to whether that practitioner is suitable and competent to assist you with your health needs. When considering selection, we strongly advise that you investigate your chosen clinician’s professional degree and training, clinical experience, scope of practice and other factors that may weigh in your individualised care.

By using this Mindd Practitioner Directory you agree not to hold Mindd Foundation responsible in any way for the background, education, scope of practice or clinical experience of any practitioner you contact. Should you experience an unsatisfactory outcome of care with anyone named on the directory, you will not hold Mindd Foundation responsible for that outcome.

Mindd Foundation does not verify or investigate the education or credentials of the people in our practitioner directory, other than to provide a listing for those practitioners who have completed the Mindd Practitioner Training. The ones listed have stated that they have current certification status as a health practitioner.

While every effort is made to ensure that we provide current, accurate data, practitioner clinic and contact details do change. As a result, recent changes may not be reflected in the data presented here.

For information on Mindd Practitioner Training online that enables listing in this directory click here.